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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cedar Avenue Time-Slip

For some reason this warm late Spring weather that we've been enjoying takes me back to the early days of the Drome record store, when it was located on Cedar in nuclear-free Cleveland Heights, where more fun, jokes, and tricks were begun than on just about any squid-jiggin' ground...when it was cold weather, I'd usually just go as far east as downtown (when I was a kid, I thought that Petula Clark was singing about downtown Cleveland) to check the record stores, bookstores, and library there, but when it was warm, I would take the train to the University rapid station, then climb the hill to Hideo's Discodrome, as it was also known. Early on, I think Crocus Behemoth was even still working there, when he wasn't busy walking around and taking buses. His night job was to corral a bunch of Palcontents on the little carpeted loft above the salesfloor there to get them ready for their weekly forays into the Flats. If one peeked one's head up there, one could see some gear, some ashtrays, and some gallon jugs with a little bit of cheap red wine left in them. But that's neither here nor there; all of this is just a preamble to the memory of a favorite 45 of that time, by the French group Metal Urbain, though oddly enough, that name doesn't appear on the pic sleeve, just the word Metal with a red "U" superimposed...
But I was pleasantly surprised to come across this video clip recently:

Spindly fellows, ain't they?

" Rare uncut complete version vidéo clip from the original line up of Metal Urbain starring Clode Panik, Hermann Schwartz, Pat Luger and Eric Debris, filmed in late 1977.
Lady Coca Cola was the b-side of Metal Urbain first single anthem, Panik, originally issued on Cobra Records in may 1977."

They even did a reunion album four years ago, but I'm not going to go into that.

I still get over to that stretch of road frequently, because the nearest Dave's Supermarket is there, in the location of the Russo's or whatever it was...I think that was the store where an early Harvey Pekar story takes place (“Standing Behind Old Jewish Ladies in Supermarket Lines”). And I think that Dangerous Dave Norris, drummer extraordinaire and the Drome's jazz specialist (every store had one), still lives down on Grandview. Anyway, here is Crocus Behemoth more recently:

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