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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"La La La La La La La"

John Cale recently performed the entire "Paris 1919" album as a program in London, but I haven't turned up any videos of the concert. Here are some others...

Madrid 1985:

Brussels 1992:

France (Paris?) 1995:

London 2003:

Cardiff 2009:

Prague 2008?:

Snažím se napodobit Johna Calea. Hrál: Mikolas M. Točil: Honza M.


Monday, March 22, 2010

Congress can pass healthcare reform legislation, but there's still no cure for Gene Hackman...

Seriously. What a time we live in! What a country!

Here he is as Popeye Doyle...by the way, I think the car chase in "The French Connection" kicks "Bullitt"'s ass...

A Singer* of my acquaintance once invited me to see the motion picture "The Firm" with her strong endorsement of Gene as "America's greatest actor." Another time, I came home and my wife was watching a movie on TV: "This is a good movie. Gene Hackman plays a basketball coach at a high school. It's called 'Hosers.'"

But I'm sure no one, fan of Hackman or not, would deem his portrayal of Bob Stinson in the movie "The Replacements" a success...

Here's some more food for thought: this fellow named JoeChrisMorris has posted not one, not two, but THREE versions of Robyn Hitchcock's ballad about America's possibly greatest actor. This one is my favorite...

"If you don't get him, you get Andie MacDowell," who approximately no one is tipping as America's finest actress, in her finest performance, as Sister Anna in the movie "Hudson Hawk," from which Dan Brown stole the plot of "Da Vinci Code" (possibly):

*A person with the surname of Singer, not a person noted for his or her singing.

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