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Friday, July 4, 2008

This is also America...

"Hey, Jim Krane, check this one out!"

Itinerant scribe Jim Krane, of Willimantic, CT* once visited the Meat Puppets in Arizona and reported that they had thousands (or was it hundreds?) of sheets of doodled paper around their pad.

*YOU connect, I cut...


Independence Day

(for those of you who don't have "The Great Escape" at home...)


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Grandmaster Flash & David Tibet...

and Brian Wilson love The Ronettes and "Be My Baby"...

In the BW documentary "I Just Wasn't Made For These Times," Brian rhapsodizes
about hearing "Be My Baby" for the first time, on the radio while he was driving around (I know! I don't think he drives anymore, thankfully), and how he had to
pull over to listen to it...

In his new autobiography, Grandmaster "Joseph Saddler" Flash writes about his sisters
"I would just spin out. Might not have made me a good little brother,
but it sure was fun to get mixed up in their business. Any records they
had were mine, as far as I was concerned. They were deep into Aretha and
The Supremes and The Ronettes. I couldn't get enough of Ronnie Spector's
voice. My favorite thing to do was put on "Be My Baby," then run around
the house while my sisters chased me."

David Tibet of Current 93, in an old issue of "The Wire," said:
"'Apocalypse' in the Greek means 'unveiling.' Something like "Be
My Baby" by The Ronettes, which is one of my favourite songs ever,
is a truly moving and apocalyptic pop song. It's full of yearning
and unveiling. That's what I want Current 93 to do."