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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Efficiency, Efficiency

they say...I walked over to the bakery this morning to buy some day-old bread*, and I saw their dishwasher reach into the bus-pan on the cart they have outside, and pull out a stack of plates and carry them inside (I held the door for her as I am a half-gentleman, at least) and then move more things in and out of bus-pans, instead of moving the pans in toto. It was exasperating to watch, so I thought of this song:

(He is the 801...)

Mike DeCapite once compared Cale's rhythmic impulse to Schroeder from "Peanuts"; I always connected it more to Jerry Lee Lewis or Little Richard...

One for the gearheads:

Reportedly one of the reasons that Cale got the boot from the Velvet Underground (not kissed the boot) was that he was spending a chunk of the band's funds to develop some special wacky bass cabinet, even though they had endorsement deals and could get free amps. Happily he is still in pursuit of the surreal, or at least, misguided, in musical equpment design; click on the header and jump to the bottom.

*Curiously, the guy at the counter who got my bread looks kind of like a young Tony Conrad.

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