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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Narrowcasting (Memo to Gillard)

Doug, I don't know if you still check in on this blog, but I was doing some shopping at the Dave's Market on Cedar today, and "98.6" by Keith played on the overhead music, and I thought of you...

I got some chicken breasts, mustard potato salad, and some Stroh's* (the favored tipple of EYK, that band with all those WRUW DJs and me) (I don't think you can get Stoney's anymore)

I don't know if you were involved in that gig with Children's Crusade or SA, if you were, I'm sorry I missed you, but their promo was inadequate/incompetent (nothing on ClePunk?) Are there any gigs lined up for Guardrail Boy?

Oh, I also got a two-liter bottle of 50/50, because I haven't been able to find it in cans this year (I've only seen Squirt, which I don't like nearly as much). No clips for 50/50, so here's Ann-Margret for Wink, in a commercial that looks like it was made by Paul Sharits or George Landow:

(I'm sure that this is not very engrossing for the average reader, but no one seems that psyched about my regular not-narrowcasted posts)

*Waldo Drogulus (a pseudonym for one of the three-guitar section in "On Certainty")
e-mailed me to register his disgust at the idea of quaffing Stroh's. His recommendation: "On a hot day like this - I'd buy some lemon ice from Corbo's and drench it in chilled vodka..." Not a bad idea; sort of a Russian-Italian sno-cone.

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