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Thursday, December 31, 2009

A day late (again)

James "The Hound" Marshall has pointed out on his HoundBlog (click on the header to go there) that Robert Quine would have been 67 on 12/30/09. Also, he's put up links to a number of film cues that are his last recordings. Here's some monre Quine:

Note: This search engine will show results for the exact character sequence you type, case-insensitive, including spaces. In other words if you type Bob, it will show any instances of Bob, such as in: Bob Quine, Bobbit, and discombobulate; but if you type Bob Quine it will MISS Robert Quine. [Tip: if you want "Bob" but not "discombobulate" type a space on either side: " Bob " (without quote marks).] Or, to search entire site as well as Forum...

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