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Monday, November 9, 2009

I am a type of donut.

Twenty years ago, I got home from my job slanging rap records to the
hip-hop populace in downtown Cleveland, and my flatmate John was listening to NPR and said
"Hey, they're tearing down the Berlin Wall!" We celebrated by setting
up a gig at The Bauhaus, this punk dive in Akron...
We had a duo called the Magnetic Dog Sisters, two bass guitars...
John showed me the chords to "Holidays in the Sun" by The Sex Pistols and we took off, probably stopping at the Hamburger Station for gyros. Our other main
piece of gear besides our basses and amps was a coffeemaker that we used
to brew up some rocket fuel coffee, as neither of us were drinking;
we traveled with our own machine and coffee because most places in Cleveland
and Akron weren't set up for coffee service. We even tried to have an
all-coffee party at our apartment (a/k/a The House of Happiness, as we were
two miserabilist grumpy young men), but this was when coffee was neither
profitable nor popular, so it was a bust.
I don't think the young Akron punks and Stowbillies really "got" the MDS;
maybe there wasn't anything to get...
I may even have a cassette somewhere (like, in the garage) but I'm not
going to go digging for it, and anyway, I haven't learned to digitize
off of cassettes, so you don't get to hear The Magnetic Dog Sisters, but
here's a clip of The Sex Pistols playing it the day I turned "18"...
now we got a reasonable economy:


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