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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Day late and a dollar short (John and Jim)

Iggy Pop: "I met John in Hong Kong in 1977. He was traveling with Sean, who was about two years old, and was on his way to meet Yoko in Japan. I was with David Bowie and Coco Schwab, his friend and PA, on our way back to Europe from Japan, after a rock tour of my stuff.
David and John were friends and we learned en route to Hong Kong that he would be there, in our hotel, for the same few days that we were...
He spoke to me directly really only once, to say, 'I saw your show in New York. That was pretty good.' So he gave me a great gift, casually.
I remember him strolling a half-lit street on the Hong Kong waterfront around midnight, hair in a crewcut, toothpick in mouth, in blue jean pants and jacket, with a lot of space around him in the street, and I think he was enjoying that space. It's a very enduring image in my mind."

Out here in the fields...

The Beatles, "Strawberry Fields Forever":

Captain Beefheart - "Beatle Bones & Smokin' Stones":

Gilberto Gil, "Chuckberry Fields Forever":

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